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1905 Hauler Jacket Steel Blue

€ 229,00

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To haul, to pull, to carry, to drag. These are all words that very much indicate the origin of or 1905 Hauler Jacket. The origins of our Jacket are in the late 19th century. Workers in the 19th century had to drag and haul a lot. Therefore work wear clothes had to have certain features on the fit as well as on the material. The clothes had to give the opportunity for full movement and the fabric had to be hard wearing.
All these features are found in our 1905 Hauler jacket. For this edition we have used a very nice 12oz selvage denim where warp and weft are dyied. The yarn also is slighly irregular which creates a fabric with lots of character that is also very hard wearing.
The jacket is pre washed and do not shrink.

Further Details:
- 12oz Selvage Denim made of 100% cotton
- slim fit
- unlined