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1932 Roadster Leather Jacket Black

€ 599,00

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The classic roadster jacket evolved out of neccessity. In the 1930 and 40s when motorcycling was more the means of a transportation instead of a hobby, riders needed to have certain features on their riding garments. Jackets had to offer protection, look smart and give the wearer room for movement. Therefore most classic roadster jacket from that time were rather slim in the silhoutte and made from a sturdy type of leather. Our 1932 Roadster Jacket has its origins in that time and for that purpose.
It has a slim fit, an action back and adjustable waist bands. The sturdy cow hide offers a good protection against the winds and abraision.
One inner pocket and three outer pockets offer enough storage for the daily necessities.

Further fine details characterize our 1932 Roadster Jacket:

- 100% cowhide
- Classic roadster silhouette
- Action back
- Adjustable waist bands
- 3 Outer pockets, 1 inner pocket
- Made in Greece